Latte---I think of soothing creams and browns, vintage papers and colors, tea-stained fabric.

"Lydia" and "Helen", both ACEO size, started out on wallpaper scraps. "Lydia" has a Bingo game piece attached along with a red heart punched from some watercolor paper I painted over the weekend. Words were clipped from an old book. I decided to leave the strings loose and uncut. It makes me think of my daughter Olivia and how she can't wait to be a teenager like my step-daughter, Hannah, who is 14, almost 15. Waiting to B 13.

I almost threw "Helen" in the trash several times. So many changes and mess-ups but now I think I am finally ready to leave her alone. I just had to use that image. I love the sadness in her face though my heart aches a bit when I look at her too long. She reminds me of someone.

Olivia and I did "school" and she wanted to work on some ATCs herself. Her craft paints came out and this more colorful ATC was made:
The only latte I ever have is a chai latte and right now I really want one! So tonight when I take Olivia to dance class I just may have to head up the street to the coffeehouse and have one. Why not. Perfect for a cold day like today.


Anonymous said...

oh wow I love Lydia and Helen....just love how youve got the composition and colouring spot on!

Laura said...

Tricia, just popped in to say thanks for the nice feedback on my *Latte* sketch at Artwords. Your latte entry is great, love the whimsical style!

Also, I see you like doodling too! Keep at it, you just never know where those little doodles will take you =)