I just had to share this picture of Olivia from last night's Roanoke Ballet Theater performance. It was her first ever. We just started with classes in September I think it was. I took it with Kelly's digital. (I also took some of the actual dancing with my 35 mm. I am keeping my fingers crossed because of course flash wasn't allowed and the lighting was low.) She was an angel in the show. There were 21 angels and they were all just gorgeous.
I played on my Mac a bit and added the edge with a program called Auto FX. There are lots of edges to chose from with this program. I like the effect and may start using it more often. It is just a pain to work on a photo on the mac and then burn a cd of it to bring over to the dell. I don't have the internet on the mac.

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Beth said...

I'm loving your new blog and the new banner and name....changes are a good thing !!!!!