Have I ever mentioned to you that we live in an old house? That we have only totally restored two of the rooms? That sometimes I go more than a little bit bonkers looking at what still needs to be done? That I wonder if we didn't make a mistake when we purchased our home? I just feel so overwhelmed at times with every hour my eyes resting on something else that needs doing. See the blue tape around the windows in the door....lots of those kind of projects but many big ones also, like new ceilings and walls. And on top of all that we already have on our list to do I have decided to attempt a bit of rearranging. Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband! I am thinking of taking my art table which is now in the homeschool/office room and relocating to the playroom/guest room. That would mean moving all the toys to Hannah and Olivia's bedrooms and claiming the space all for my very own. I could close the door and everything! This would mean painting the bright yellow walls that are in the room a different color (I may paint them the same color as this because I love it so) but other than that a smooth transition. Olivia was ok with the switching around so if you don't hear from me I am working on the transition. Also on the list is a switch of our living room with the homeschool room. I have a lot of work to do...lots of painting....oh, and if only I knew how to build bookshelves!
Also, several sweet, incredibly talented and rockin' ladies (Sharon, Judy, and Kristen) have blessed me with the rockin' girl blogger award. I am honored and I thank you for thinking of me!The deal is that I need to nominate 5 more rockin' girls so I am choosing 10 that have inspired me tonight---I have a hard time following rules!

Shew! I had a hard time with just deciding on ten. You all inspire me daily!
Until next time-Rock on!


Beth said...

I love the color you are thinking about for your new space...it reminds me of what we just put in our 3 season porch.... and I LOVE it so much, that now I'm trying to bring it inside anywhere I can !!!

Holly Stinnett said...

How lovely! Thank you much for giving me this award. Very fun! I'll add it to my blog and a link to you for giving it to me. I enjoyed looking at your other favorites too - they are all so wonderful.

Venice, CA

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

So here I am with my daily visit and reading all about your possible project and I come upon your award and I smile because the first time I saw such an award I instantly thought of your blog and how it moves me so...and how I wanted everyone that visited me to visit YOU........and so I was in such agreement that your blog just ROCKS!!!......and then I follow down and there I spy familiar names.......and I see MINE....and then I am a tad intimidated because I don't really know the 'rules' even though I don't follow them well, either.......and so other than telling you that I am somewhat floored to be on a list of ANY type...I truly am not sure what to do with it. But I DO truly feel honored that you enjoy Faerieluna. Best ~ Rella

red tin heart said...

The kindness on your face as you gaze at your daughter is so touching.
My husband and I have worked on our home for 13 years and we still aren't done. It can be frustrating. But every project that is finished is a little victory. Nita

She Who Flies said...

I love how our houses, fully refurbished or not, evolve with our needs. It feels organic to me, like life. Just the way it should be. But yes, it's a lot of work.... so good luck with that! Thanks for your visit. I was wondering what Mary Magdalene book you've been reading? I've read quite a lot of them :-)

Jamie said...

Oh I can't wait to see your new space Tricia! Thank you for the links. I am in love with Jen Crossley's work and featured her on my blog today:) Have you seen anymore hummingbird's? I love them. Love, Jamie

Susan Tuttle said...

Hey Tricia Dear!
An art room of your very own--that is fabulous--and you can close the door?!!!! That sounds heavenly!!

One step at a time on the house--you were definitely meant to own it, to restore it with your love and care!

Thank you for nominating me--what an honor!!

I love your new banner!


Pilar said...

Thank you so much! I am truely honored. You rock back, girlfriend!

Corey Moortgat said...

Hey, thanks so much for the "award"! I think you're a rockin' blogger, too! I always seem to be able to connect to what you write about...